Analects of Blue

24 September 2006

Blank Slate

My eyes open slowly as the dusty sunlight creeps through my bedroom curtains.
The warmth of the rising sun snuggles with me as I come into conciousness.
My life is clear and fresh and new.
What shall I make of it?
Shall I get out of bed?
Shall I roll over and call in sick, and go to the movies?
Shall I find a new job?
Shall I find a wife?
Shall I write a song, and become a rock star?
Shall I write a screenplay, and win an Oscar?
Shall I hike to the top of a mountain?
Shall I move to the coast?
Shall I move to Europe?
It's good to know that the possibilities are limitless.
But, I think I'll just get up and go to work.


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