Analects of Blue

08 November 2006

Hauntings of a Past Life

I used to be a real boy;
I used to think real thoughts and dream real dreams.
Then one by one I handed up my strings.
Now all that's left is a silly puppet, tossed to and fro,
by the whim of him who has no soul.

Why did I do it? Why did I ever let him grab ahold?
Well, it all seemed like such fun, you know.
At first we laughed, we played, we giggled.
Then we kissed, and thouched and snuggled.
At last we did the nearly unforgiveable.

Now by the whim of him without a soul,
this puppet is made to dance and sing, to and fro, to and fro.
One by one I GAVE THEM TO HIM.
I used to think real thoughts and dream real dreams;
but now they're merely tattered shreds, of a real boy, that used to be.


  • At 15/11/06 23:24, Blogger Latter-gay-saint said…

    That poem is awesome. I'm assuming you wrote it. That was great. It tells the truth of how we choose to turn ourselves over to one side or the other. Thanks!


  • At 6/8/08 16:13, Blogger A CROW'S VIEW said…

    Wow a side of you I didn't know existed. Thanks for sharing. I still think you are pretty cool. Even if your friends think I'm creepy! I think that will forever be our inside joke!

  • At 19/8/11 11:11, Blogger blueshorts said…

    This comment is probably a few years too late. But, yep, I wrote it. I should probably try writing again, it's been far too long.


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