Analects of Blue

14 December 2005

King Kong Rules!

OH MY GOSH! The new King Kong movie totally rocks!
Let's see...
Dinosaurs so fantastic, believable, and mobile that they make Jurassic Park look like an outdated 1930's production? Check
A Kong so ferocious at times that you think your going to pea your pants if he looks at you again? Check
Indigenous people doing satanic things that will give you nightmares for months to come? Check
Dashing, manly, and more concerned about her than himself, hero? Check
Beautiful, yet thoughtful and deep damsel in distress that can also perform comedy routines, and acrobatics? Check
Insects that make you feel yourself over just to be certain that there isn't one chomping on your head? Check
Cinematography so beautiful and daring that it will make you wonder if you are going to be falling to your death, and panic at every slight slip of the beast? Check
A sweet and endearing (yet odd) love story, or two? Check
What more could one need? All I need is another ticket to watch this INCREDIBLE movie again.

12 December 2005

Christmas Wish List

As per request here is a link to my Amazon wish list.

I figure that this is much easier than typing it all in again.

06 December 2005

Anorexia, Boredom, and Fun in the Biological Sciences

As part of the BYU Biology 100 class every student is required to create a poster concerning a science related issue. At the end of the semester the students present their posters in a convention setting in the Wilk. The students must prepare a two minute spiel concerning their poster, which they then recite to the grader.

This semester it was was my turn. Within the first ten minutes of my assigned hour I had given my presentation to the grading TA. It would have been really nice to put my poster away and carry on with my day. We had, however, been warned that we were required to remain there for the entire hour. After twenty minutes of staring at photos of skeleton-like models from the anorexia exhibit opposite me, I couldn't take it any longer, I was bored stiff.

I noticed that the only thing differentiating the regular students from the grading TAs was the clipboard that the TAs carried around with them; a situation easily remedied. For less than a buck, and a five minute detour to the bookstore, I quickly changed from a reuglar student to a grading TA.

I must admit that I did have some initial apprehension, but there are many things that the Honor Code office could expel me for well before "Impersonating a TA." And besides, after watching my first victim sweat like a Nazi at a Holocaust commemoration I decided that it was way too much fun to stop. Hopefully none of the students that I "graded" got as bored as I did and decided that they could go home after I'd graded them. That would be bad.