Analects of Blue

08 February 2006

ISO SWM, preferably not getting married anytime soon

Well, I was awakened this morning by the pronouncement from my roommate, Wingman, that he is getting married. They've set the date to about six weeks from now, March 21. There are several reasons why this really bugs me.
First, I'll have to find a new roommate (and I hate finding roommates).
Second, they've only actually been seeing each other for four months, which I realize in Provo Standard Time is somewhere near eternity, but,
Third, she's broken up with him twice in that time. The first time it was because he didn't want to go out to a restaraunt for dinner with her and her friends on a Sunday. The second time it was because she thought they were moving too fast.
Fourth, they set the date for March because that is immediately before her U.S. Visa expires and she has to go home. Call me crazy, but I don't think that's a good way to plan a marriage.

And in other wedding news, my brother, Uzbekistan Dan, is engaged for the second time in two months to the second woman in two months. I hope it works for him this time. I hope they don't get married on 21 March. I hope they spend a lot more time together, before the marriage. Unlike his past girlfriends, I really like his new fiancee; as I told her, "You seem cool."

Anyhow, I'll now need a new roommate come the end of March. So, if anyone knows of a male who is not too ugly, but not too good looking, who is clean, relaxed, and who pays rent on time, and who is looking for a place to live, let me know. Oh, and currently two of my last three roommates have gotten engaged after moving in, maybe it'll rub off onto the lucky fool.

Brussel Sprouts and Birthday Cake

So, my sister's children are odd. The other day we were having a little birthday party (for me, because today is my birthday, and you are all invited to my party at my house from 8 to midnight tonight). First we ate dinner; we had roast, potatoes and gravy, green salad, and brussel sprouts. Things were going well, until the end, when a fight broke out.
Apparenty Zak had eaten too many of the brussel sprouts, and there were not enough left for Ted and Jon. That's right, my nephews were arguing over not getting enough brussel sprouts.

Although this incident would be odd enough on its' own, later in the evening they didn't want any birthday cake either. They are weird. I really don't understand how you can like brussel sprouts and not cake. They obviously are not really related to me.

03 February 2006

Not So Innocent Escapes

So, I don't know how I ended up there, but this website totally cracks me up. Talk about a hunk. Check this out, .