Analects of Blue

30 April 2006

Orange, Blue, and Pink

photo and poem by blueshorts

The sky is orange blue and pink
The air is crisp and cold
I run and think

A silvery moon begins to sink
The morning sun is not yet bold
The sky is orange blue and pink

My eyes still blurry, begin to blink
My mind awaking to a day still untold
I run and think

Big brown oaks begin to creak
As I move swiftly up and down the dark green nold
The sky is orange blue and pink

Although as lead my legs long to sink
On to my destiny I must grab hold
I run and think

From the road ahead I dare not shrink
As yet unscripted, this bright new day does me enfold
The sky is orange, blue, and pink
I run and think

26 April 2006

A Practice Villanelle

by blueshorts

This is only a practice poem
that someone asked me to write.
With this I'm hoping to show him

that I can create and flow them.
With this, my first villanelle is now in flight.
This is only a practice poem.

It probably lacks the frills and trim
of the more practiced poet in all his might.
With this I'm hoping to show him.

My skill with words seems pretty slim;
There's no rhyming dictionary within my sight.
This is only a practice poem.

I've racked my brains, and grilled them,
this is a difficult fight.
With this I'm hoping to show him

that I have a sense of rhythm.
Perhaps I should just fly a kite.
I need more practice before I write another poem
is probably all that this will show him.

21 April 2006

New Healthier Pigs

Maybe it's just me, but I can't stop laughing.

Monday, April 17, 2006

New Healthier Pigs

Scientists have cloned pigs that are engineered to contain omega-3 fatty acids, which produce healthier pork. What do you think?

Young Woman

Mary Keller,
"Can't they put some of that omega stuff in cigarettes?"

Asian Man

Chet Bannister,
Pig Wrestler
"I don't eats 'em, I just rassles 'em."

Young Man

Benjamin Klein,
Music Critic
"I'll only be interested when they finally make pig-human hybrids. I could marry one and say, 'Woman! Make me some bacon!' Then she'd dutifully harvest my succulent breakfast."

© Copyright 2006, Onion, Inc. All rights reserved.

Beaver Overthinking Dam

The beaver and his dam .

I found it rather amusing, at 3 a.m. It reminds me a lot of me. I'm working on more doing, and less thinking.

11 April 2006

A Display of Public Expression at BYU

So, Soulforce made their way to BYU this week. It was probably the most controversial thing to happen on campus since women were aloud to wear pants. There were more security and admin people than I have ever seen for an event on Brigham Square.

The first day they came on campus and just talked to students one-on-one. As per BYU policy, they were not allowed to make speeches or hand out literature, or get in any group that was so big as to block traffic flow (which was based purely on their whims). Basically, anytime a group got to the point of having enough people to have a real discussion, the campus security and administration made them break it up. Pres. Samuelson, whom they wanted to meet with, was, as usual during such events, out of town. They also had a pre-planned act of rebelion, (they tried to give speeches) during which five members were arrested and released back at their hotel. It was very staged and kind of lame. But overall it drew a lot of students, and created a lot of good discussions. Basically every BYU student I ever knew of, or suspected of being "afflicted with SSA" or "gay" or "gender confused (which term was quite popular at the last general conference)" was there; some were vocal, some were not. Matt Kulisch (a current BYU student/gay male), whom I think pretty much everyone that reads this blog knows, was there. He was kind of the star of the show. Pinetree was rather vocal, so was Tom the Oregonian. It was lots of fun.

Haven discussing with students

Small groups of people discussing things

Matt with some of the Soulforce riders

That evening they had a rally/protest/whatever-you-want-to-call-it at the Kiwanis Park. They started off with some singing, which Pinetree pointed out was not very well targeted to their audience. Maybe if we were a group of kumbaya singing, evangelicals, it would have gone over better. But it was alright, and it didn't last too long. After the singing a bunch of speeches were made. Most of the speakers were local BYU alumni. Many of whom told the typical stories of their strained years of (mostly) self-repression at BYU. Some of them got real upitty, and started spurting out stupid slogans like, "I'm queer, and I'm here." Once again, they missed their target audience. According to their press releases they were trying to foster discussion amongst current BYU students, and let them know that they are loved and cared for. However, most of the gay, current BYU students that I spoke to said that they had to take everything that was said with a grain of salt. Matt gave an excellent speech. It was powerful, personal, emotional, and free of the usual "BYU is evil" rhetoric. He knew his audience. Then someone finally decided to target their audience, and they sang they sang "I Am a Child of God," with a few word changes. The word changes were funny the first time, but by the end of all of the verses, I was really wishing they would have just stuck to the regular words, or just changed one of the verses. There were also a few people protesting against Soulforce.


Irish drinking song

Matt, giving the best speech of the night

Large protestor getting angry

Large protestor shouting (notice the back of the BYU security guy that you will also see later)

Large protestors family members, after they'd quieted down

Smurf wasn't quite sure wether to support the rally or the protestors

The logical protestor, who played MOTAB and handed out flyers wondering why Soulforce didn't want to tolerate his LDS beliefs (which, they actually did a fairly good job of, it was mostly the ex-Mormons that were really inflamatory).

Today (April 11) they had a procession from the Provo Temple to the "The World is Our Campus" corner of Bulldog and Canyon Road. Forty people carried lillies representing GLBT (mostly just gay) BYU students and LDS Church members that had committed suicide. They marched in a quite solemnity. It was supposed to be kind of a funeral march, and it felt very much like one. At the corner, after giving interviews and being photographed, they made a little border of potted lillies. Then they read the name and stories of each of the represented persons. After each story was read the marcher would walk on to BYU campus property, lay down as though dead, and then get arrested by BYU security and placed in a van. It was also very staged, BYU even stopped traffic on the close side of the street, so that it wouldn't be disturbed. But despite the staged nature of it, I thought it was pretty cool. It's too bad that there were only a few actaul students there, 90% of the audience were media (which BYU informed me I was part of), maybe 5% local non-students, and 5% students. And there were probably even more BYU security personnel than there was media. I wish that there would have been more students there; overall it was a very moving memorial to those who have lost their lives in their struggle to reconcile their homosexuality with their religion.

The Procession

Cool girl placing a potted lilly

Matt walking onto BYU property

Playing dead, and getting arrested

Into the police van

Person representing Stuart Matis





And more security...

I've never felt so safe.

For local media coverage check out these articles (or just google soulforce byu):

Salt Lake Tribune

Deseret News

BYU NewsNet

05 April 2006

It's about time...

So it only took me three months, but I finally got our roadtrip photos online.
To browse the photos individually go to my website,, and go to "Family and Friends" and scroll down.
Or go here to watch a 9 minute slide show summary of the entire trip.

03 April 2006

The Frost Begins to Thaw

The golden sun warms the earth
The babbling brook harmonizes with the busy chirping of the birds
The children laugh with glee as they swing and slide and sing
Spring comes and thaws the earth
And brings animation to once motionless things

My nephew runs up and down the river, trying to catch a fish
He catches none
But the joy is not lessened
I am happy and I smile
And life, with all of its dear memories, moves on